Frequently Asked Propane Questions

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To help you understand the propane delivery and installation services that we off at Propane Services, we have compiled a list of some of the most common questions that we receive along with answers.

What size tank do I need?

Several factors determine tank size including your usage, location,aesthetics and local codes. We can help you determine the right size and placement.

Are there thinks I need to do to maintain my tank?

When you lease a tank from Propane Services we maintain the tank and regulator supplied with the lease. If you own your own tank keep it clear of weeds and other combustibles. Above ground tanks need to be on concrete pads to keep the tank legs from corroding. Do not allow dirt to come in contact with tank.

Underground tanks need a periodic cathodic test to verify the corrosion is protection is working properly. Propane Service checks tank fittings and the regulator for leaks each time we deliver. We also perform cathodic checks upon request.

Can I bury my tank?

Underground (in ground) tank installations are the preferred method of installations for many of our customers. We suggest that you call Propane Services for the information on buried tanks. We have installed hundreds of underground tanks and would love to help you plan your installation.

How can I tell how much gas I have in my tank?

If your tank has a gauge you will find it under the hood. It will be a dial type with numbers reading from 5-95%. The number the arrow is on indicates the percentage of gas remaining in the tank. If you have two 100# tanks connected by an automatic change over regulator you will see a red window that indicates at least one tank is empty and needs to be fill. If the window is clear or green than both tanks have gas. SEE THE VIDEO AND PHOTOS FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS.Please call Propane Services when your tank reads 20% or less to assure you will not run out of propane.

Why is my tank not filled to 100%?

Propane is stored pumped and delivered in liquid form and it expands when heated. A space is left of 15% to 20% to allow for expansion due to temperature changes.

Do Propane prices fluctuate?

Propane prices respond to changes in supply and demand. Colder weather normally cause higher prices as demand increase and taxes the supply. Warm weather normally cause prices to moderate as demand drops and supply increases.

How do I place a delivery order?

Call Propane Service and we will arrange a convenient delivery. If you are a keep full customer we keep track of refills.

What time of day should I expect my delivery?

Deliveries are made through out the day. Your delivery is made in combination with other customers who need deliver. If you have special circumstances that need require you to be home we can arrange that when you call for your delivery.

I have never used propane before what should I know?

Propane can be used with any appliance that you would operate a natural gas appliance with just a few exceptions. You need a propane tank to store propane. From the tank it is delivered to your appliances by means of a gas pipeline. Call us at Propane Services for any specific questions you may have. Natural gas appliances will need to be converted to for use with propane. Propane Services can perform that conversion for you.

For any other questions that you may have, please talk to us at Propane Services to get specific answers.

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