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These combination automatic changeover, two stage regulators are especially suitable for homes, mobile homes, construction and other portable two cylinder installations. Empty containers may be replaced without interrupting a customer’s gas service.

 2-100# Cylinder


  • Automatic changeover switches from “service” to “reserve” cylinder automatically without interrupting service.
  • The Second Stage Incorporates wide bonnet drip lip vent to guard against freeze-up when properly installed
  • With 15 PSIG inlet pressure the second stage regulator is designed to not pass more than 2 PSIG with the seat disc removed.
  • Allows “reserve” cylinder to supplement the flow of gas from the “service” cylinder during extreme load or severe cold conditions.
  • Incorporates molded diaphragm in second stage regulators.
  • Integral indicator gauge
  • Change over knob and indicator are integral to the first stage.
  • Select brown finish on first stage
If you currently own your propane tank you should understand the maintenance the container will need to operate safely and correctly. Propane container repair should be performed by a qualified service technician. We at Propane Services can maintain your propane container and provide it with the necessary services to keep it up to date and in good working order.


Corroded Underground Tank
Many states require an underground propane tank installed after January 1, 2011 to have a cathodic protection system to help prevent corrosion. Over time, corrosion can create pits or holes in the tank and the line which could cause leaks. The purpose of cathodic protection is to provide an increased level of corrosion protection. After a cathodic protection system has been installed the system needs to be tested every 3 years to ensure that they are not corroded and in danger of breaking down. The Propane People will conduct cathodic testing of our customer's propane tanks to ensure that they are in proper operating order. Please contact us to schedule a Cathodic Test on your propane tank.
click here to read about underground tank maintenance.


Make sure your tank is properly secured for all types of extreme weather. It is your responsibility to have your container inspected if damaged from extreme weather such as hurricanes, flood, tornadoes, earthquakes and high winds.
click here to read about above ground tank maintenance.

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