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The installation of propane and natural gas lines needs to be done by a professional licensed plumber in order to ensure safety. It is also critical to have the gas lines run from the main propane tank to the appliances at proper depths, with the right type of pipe and have solid connections to prevent propane leaks. The gas line specialists at Propane Services have many years of experience at the design and installation of propane and natural gas lines.

Our many years of expertise in the installation of propane and natural gas lines gives us the experience to handle gas line runs of all types. We have worked with the finest home builders, pool companies and landscapers. We also have extensive experience contracting with government agencies.

Gas lines that are run in the building are run directly to each appliance or piece of machinery that requires propane. Our gas line installers are experts at properly running gas lines in places that are hidden and away from the potential of being damaged.

We are happy to answer your questions and bids are always provided at no-cost.

As always, to keep your Phoenix home or business safe, only use a qualified propane plumber to install your propane gas or natural gas lines.

Propane Safety

Each gas line is completely tested to ensure that it is properly connected with no propane leaks. Safety is the #1 goal of all of us at Propane Services. Learn more here at Propane Safety.

To help you understand the benefits of propane, we have compiled many of the questions that we receive at Propane Services from our customers. With concise answers, you will be able to find many answers to your specific questions. Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions.

Services From Propane Services

Some of the other propane and natural gas line installation and plumbing services that we offer include:
  • Gas Line Repair
  • Gas Line Inspection
  • Gas Line Locating
  • Gas Line Leak Testing
  • Gas Line Replacement
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gas Line Services
Besides propane and natural gas line installation, we offer other high-quality propane services. Click on the links provided below to get more information on these services.

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