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Residential TankerPropane is an energy efficient fuel source offering an efficient, competitively priced and clean burning fuel for residential customers. Propane Services serves thousands of customers throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area with high-quality delivery and installation services. Propane is one of the cleanest, safest and most economical ways to operate gas appliances. Our years of experience with the installation of propane tanks and gas lines provides only the highest quality service. Plus, our customers get prompt propane delivery. Call us now for pricing information!

Our professional drivers travel throughout the Phoenix metropolitan are delivering propane to homes throughout the week. To schedule a delivery call us at 623-643-0190.

Residential Propane Applications

Propane provides homeowners with a wide variety of options to make their live's easier. Below are just some of the applications for propane that we offer.

Fire Features – Make a dramatic impression with a propane fire feature from Propane Services. Propane fireplaces, fire pots, barbeque grills and outdoor torches can create a warm and inviting place for you, your family and friends to gather around. Let us help you design and install a beautiful fire feature today! Learn more about our services at Fire Features.

Pools and Spas – Keep your pool or spa at a comfortable temperature year-round with reliable propane. Propane efficiently heats the water in your pool or spa and easily keeps it at your desired temperature. The propane experts at Propane Services will professionally install gas lines to your pool and spa heaters. Learn more about what we can do for you at Pools and Spas.

Hot Water and Heating – Heating your Phoenix home with propane provides comfortable heat in an efficient way. Propane is also an excellent option for creating hot water to do the dishes, laundry or cooking. Propane Services will gladly help you convert your natural gas appliances to propane. Learn more at Hot Water and Heating.

Propane is also an excellent way to power generators for special occasions or to have as a backup way to provide electricity to your home or business. You can get more information on propane generators from your Propane Services representative.

Residential Propane Services

Propane Servcies offers homeowners throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area excellent propane services. To learn more about these services, please click on the links provided below.
You can also learn more about propane and how safe it is to use at our Frequently Asked Questions and Propane Safety pages.

Take advantage of the possibilities that propane can give your home. Propane Services specializes in the installation of propane tanks and gas lines, as well as provide personal delivery services. Be sure to talk to your representative from Propane Services today about how we can improve the quality of your life.

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